Canterbury Mens Shed Moving On

Persons hands using a planer to shave wood

Canterbury City Community Centre (4cs) has auspiced the Canterbury Mens Shed since 2007 when it commenced operations one day a week in the wood work room at Canterbury Boys High School. In 2010 the Shed moved to Council owned facilities at 109 Clissold Parade Campsie and has operated from there three days a week, and has been used by other Projects on another two days per week, ever since.

Recently Members of the Canterbury Mens Shed have indicated that they would like to break away from the auspice of Canterbury City Community Centre and become totally self managing. In December 2017 we surveyed all current members and the majority of respondents supported becoming an independent Incorporated Association.

As a result of this feedback, the 4cs will be ending our Lease for 109 Clissold Parade Campsie with Canterbury Bankstown Council on 28 February 2018 to allow the new Association to negotiate a new Lease as soon as possible. We are currently in a transition phase, winding up the 4cs involvement in the Canterbury Men’s Shed and allowing the new group time to get on their feet and establish as the Canterbury District Men’s Shed Inc. The contact details for the new Association can be found on the Australian Mens Shed Association website 

Canterbury City Community Centre has no official relationship with the new Canterbury District Mens Shed Inc, however we wish them and their members all the best in their future endeavours.