Canterbury/Bankstown Emergency Relief Directory

This directory lists services that can provide; food, material aid, financial support, community meals, low cost groceries and assistance paying bills. The directory tells you who can help, where they are, when they are available, and how to get in touch.
If you need further assistance or information, please contact the Community Centre by phone on 9750 9344 between 9 am and 4 pm on Monday to Friday and we will try to help.  

Keeping Well for Seniors Exercise Program

Continuing to exercise safely and on a regular basis is important as we age … it is important to maintain muscle, bone and balance function. With so many older people now confined to the home due to the COVID 19 emergency, it is more important than ever to take good care of ourselves. Doing some simple exercises at home can contribute to our physical wellbeing and put us in a better frame of mind, while we can’t get out and about

Thanks to a Seniors Festival Grant in 2019 the 4cs was able to develop an Exercise Program booklet in partnership with Jacquie Sekulovski from Exercise Science and Physiology. The booklet contains a series of simple exercises that Seniors can do in their own home or with others in a community setting. Download the booklet and remember to always seek the opinion of your health professional before commencing an exercise program.

Mission: Lakemba DVD

In 2017 the Centre worked with Art Resistance and a group of committed locals to produce the short film ... Mission:Lakemba. Following the trail of Investigative Journalist Pete the movie shows his experiences as he meets the REAL Lakemba.
Copies of the DVD can be purchased from the Centre for $15 or ordered by completing the Order Form.


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