As an information provider, Canterbury City Community Centre produces Publications, Reports, Fact Sheets and Directories which aim to provide a resource for the community to access services which meet their needs.

Our current resources can be found below.

Keeping Well for Seniors Exercise Program

Continuing to exercise safely and on a regular basis is important as we age … it is important to maintain muscle, bone and balance function. Thanks to a Seniors Festival Grant in 2019 the 4cs was able to develop an Exercise Program booklet in partnership with Jacquie Sekulovski from Exercise Science and Physiology. The booklet contains a series of simple exercises that Seniors can do in their own home or with others in a community setting. Download the booklet and remember to always seek the opinion of your health professional before commencing an exercise program.

Mission: Lakemba DVD

In 2017 the Centre worked with Art Resistance and a group of committed locals to produce the short film ... Mission:Lakemba. Following the trail of Investigative Journalist Pete the movie shows his experiences as he meets the REAL Lakemba.
Copies of the DVD can be purchased from the Centre for $15 or ordered by completing the Order Form.