Board of Directors

Canterbury City Community Centre is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, elected each year by the Centre's financial members at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board is responsible for ensuring effective governance of the Organisation and is responsible to members and Funding Bodies through the various Contracts we hold. The Board fulfils its role by providing leadership, ensuring that we achieve our stated purpose and that appropriate checks and balances are in place.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the Board and is responsible for the day to day management of the Organisation and providing strategic advice and information to assist the Board in their deliberations. The CEO attends Board Meetings but is not a Member of the Board and does not have voting rights.

Current Board members and CEO details are as follows;

2019/20 Board of Directors

Rhiannon Cook

Rhiannon Cook (President) has a Masters in Social Development (UNSW) with experience in social policy and community development at the State, Federal and International levels, including with the World Health Organisation in Manila. Over the last 7 years Rhiannon has led the policy and advocacy agenda at the NSW Council of Social Service across diverse portfolios including energy, transport, health, children and families. Rhiannon recently stepped into a new role with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Young People, working to turn the evidence on what works for child and youth wellbeing into practical, preventative action. Rhiannon has previously volunteered with the Centre’s Mum 2 Mum Program and is a resident of Hurlstone Park in the Canterbury Bankstown LGA.

Sousan Ghecham

Sousan Ghecham (Vice President) is an admitted solicitor with over 5 years experience working in a community legal centre as the coordinator of a tenants’ advice and advocacy service. Sousan believes in working for and supporting grass roots organisations that promote the interests of minority groups within the community. Sousan believes in the values of social justice and the important role of community based organisations in achieving social equity. Using her skills and experience in the community sector, Sousan hopes to contribute to the growth and sustainability of communities and organisations that promote these values.

Jubaida Hossain

Jubaida Hossain (Secretary) is a resident of Lakemba with strong ties to the local Bangladeshi community. Jubaida enjoys living in a multicultural community and supporting Centre programs that support women and children.

Currently volunteering in the Bangladeshi Community Language School, Jubaida also serves as a Board member on the Federation of NSW Community Language Schools.

Fady Girgis 

Fady Girgis (Treasurer) has a Diploma in Accounting and is currently studying his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at Western Sydney University. Fady lives in Western Sydney and is active in his Church in providing support for elderly parishioners. Fady joined the Board in 2019 and is interested in learning more about Canterbury City Community Centre and helping on the Centre’s Finance Sub committee.

Annette Bird

Annette Bird holds a Masters of Business Administration but after spending a decade in the corporate environment is now involved in community work. A Lakemba local Annette has a passion to be involved in different community projects and is grateful for a lovely group of neighbourhood friends. A lover of the great outdoors Annette has held a Plot at the Lakemba Community Garden since it started, is an original member of environment @ lakemba and now volunteers in the Centre’s Garden Care Program. Annette’s creative side was recently put to good use in the development of the Centre’s short film Mission:Lakemba and award winning song ‘You’re Always Welcome Here in Lakemba’. 

Aka Rangiuira

Aka Rangiuira has been a member of the Board of Directors of Canterbury City Community Centre since 2007 and is a resident of the Canterbury Local Government area.

He has experience in running a small business and has also served in a voluntary capacity within the Pukapuka and Cook Islands Community in Sydney for many years.

Max Dixon

Max Dixon is an admitted solicitor with experience working in a range of community legal centres, Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Services and on the board of a community transport provider. Max is passionate about the application of the law to benefit the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community and is committed to the principles of social justice. Max utilises his skills and qualifications to support Organisations which advance these principles and is keen to contribute on the Board of the 4cs to see the Organisation further entrenched as a community hub.

Max brings a unique youth perspective to the Board, has experience both working as a volunteer and supervising volunteer teams, and is a resident of the Inner West.

Michael Stoddart

Michael Stoddart is a local that has lived in the area all of his life and lives with his wife and two teenage children. With a Commerce degree from Western Sydney University and further post graduate studies at Macquarie University, Michael has worked in the retail, hospitality, insurance, rehabilitation and construction industries across a range of roles. He is currently the Group People Risk Manager at Lendlease and has volunteered for The Wayside Chapel and also Sydney Vinnies Night Patrol feeding Sydney’s homeless. Currently, Michael is a supervisor and telephone crisis supporter with Lifeline and has been with the organisation for over 5 years and is passionate about ensuring our community receives the best possible mental health support.

Rachael Gavarotto

Rachel is committed to her local area, and has a deep understanding of community organisations, which led her to join the 4Cs management board. She currently works in Claymore as  a Community Engagement Planner, building the capacity of local residents to improve their social wellbeing and sustainability. Over the past few years Rachael worked as a qualified auditor of community and health services across the country in the National Disability Standards, and Quality Improvement Council standards. Her roles in management, research and professional practice for large and small organisations built on her Bachelor of Community Welfare (International Social Development), Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) both from the University of Western Sydney and Diploma of Community Services Coordination. Rachel is a member of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners, and Australian Services Union.

Liz Messih (CEO)

Bachelor of Social Studies (Sydney Uni 1981) Master of Management in Community Management (MM UTS 2010)

Liz is a Social Worker with 35 years experience, largely in Community based Organisations, as a community development practitioner and Service Manager. Liz has been employed in a management role at Canterbury City Community Centre for just over 20 years and has been responsible for overseeing the work of a dynamic team which has developed a range of programs and services at the Centre. Liz is passionate about the role that community based organisations have in engaging communities to find solutions to local problems and the value that these Organisations have in delivering Programs and Services.